Wise words of the Master

Over a hundred years ago in the village of Shirdi in Maharashtra, India, the local village chief had banned the coming together of more than three people, anywhere in Shirdi. This created a lot of hardship for the villagers as every sphere of life had got badly affected. The mukhiya, or  headman, had taken these steps as he did not want people to visit the Saint of Shirdi, Sai Baba. People from many places used to  come to meet Sai and seek his counsel and blessings. His popularity was growing and the mukhiya was feeling more and more jealous.Hence, he clamps down the coming together of people, which in turn results into massive issues for the locals.

 That’s when a little girl Laxmi, who was His devotee, asks Sai : “When  will this situation end? People are suffering a lot”.  Sai Baba replies: “Very soon..Don’t lose hope. God will give you signs that things will soon be better”. Laxmi asks : “What kind of signs?”  Sai says “Such that you have never seen or experienced before.

He will suddenly be there in front of you and will be dancing with Joy. The people must unite and  find solutions.  Have Faith and Patience. Remember, Mahisasura the demon, was defeated by a lady, the Goddess Durga. Many things women can do which men cannot..women must take the lead now. How? You will know soon. Just have Faith within.”

Today, as the world is in a lockdown state, let’s remember the above words of the great Spiritual Master, Sai Baba. Let us tell ourselves and others that the situation Will Change soon and for the better. Let us continue to have a lot of Faith and Trust. Let us  have Patience towards others and be Kind, Helpful, Supportive of each other.

Together, We shall overcome. Hum honge kaamyaab – we will succeed.

By Pervez Daruwala.

Pervez is a Life, Transformation and Spiritual Coach. He also conducts workshops, provides therapy, healing, counseling and reads Akashic Records and also Tarot, Angel and Guide cards..He has interests in Spiritual and Esoteric matters. He likes to write too.

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